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    Meeting Highlights 2019


    Proclamations were presented to 40-year retirees, Children and Youth Director Jim Holtry and Deputy Director Richard Showers.

    Proclamations were also presented to Hospital and Nurses’ Week representatives
    Patty Foster Donley
    Stephanie Mease Andreozzi
    Kelly Smith

    Treasurer Sallie Neuin presented her report, and stated the ARC—Annual Retirement Contribution— of $2,744,885 was made.  Because the poor year of 2008 dropped off of the 10-year calculation, the ARC is about $1M less this year.

    Michael Anderson presented a $704,932 ES&S Voting System Contract for commissioner approval.  Major components include DS200 scanners with internal backup batteries, plastic ballot boxes with steel doors and e-Bin, paper roll, and 4GB memory devise as well as ExpressVote BMD terminals with internal backup batteries, ADA Keypads, Headphones, power supplies with an AC Cord, and standard 4GB memory devise.  The ExpressVote Ballont Marking Devies have Five (5) year hardware warranties.  During discussion, Commissioner Litz pointed out that the new machines will require climate controlled storage, and asked if our storage area can be upgraded.  Further, Litz inquired about progress on a Continuity of Operations Plan for Voter Registration.  Administrator Wolgemuth said he’d work on these items.

    James Holtry received approval on Provider Contracts and introduced his successor Erin Moyer at Children and Youth who has worked for the County for 12 years, and pursued her Masters Degree through a program available during her employment with the County.  Also, for 3-4 months, a contract was approved with Jim Holtry to provide consulting services at the rate of $50/hour.

    Daniel Lyons, Redevelopment Authority, presented a CDBG-Community Development Block Grant—resolution to amend project costs.  Included are reduction in costs of $1800 for demolition of 1405 E Cumberland Street and moving the remaining sum of $89.77 in Myerstown Curb Ramps to the housing rehabilitation program. 

    Carol Davies presented contract $18,760 in amendments to increase the Mom’s Contract in the Area Agency on Aging budget.

    Jamie Wolgemuth presented Real Estate Tax Exemption was awarded to service related 100% disabled veterans Leonard Lawson, Brandon Koons, and Jolene Donahey. 

    Community Videos:

    Bob Phillips participated by phone.   David Weisnicht presented a Back at the Gap report today. Sign up for AlertPA to get notifications on your mobile device. May 7, there will be a Military Appreciation Day held at Stone Ridge Village.   Pam Tricamo asked for guidance when applying for more than $10,000 in hotel tax. Documenting visitors is important to include in applications. Coleman Park is in need of water pipe and electricity infrastructure upgrades.   A proclamation for Debbie Shepler-Frantz was presented as she retires with more than 20 years as a children and youth caseworker.   On behalf of Juniper Village, Joan Marie Norman received a certificate of recognition for acting without being asked and hosting fire victims and the Red Cross, feeding them, washing their clothes….

    Treasurer Neuin stated that money is set aside for Debt Service, a $2.4M ARC, and 10 payrolls. In June she hopes to set aside funds for the remaining pay periods.   Department of Emergency Services Director Robert Dowd presented a $20,898 grant request for a Commodity Flow Study and training dollars through the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Application. Local match is $4,179.60.

    Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth presented to ordinances for consideration:   Ordinance 59 Prohibiting Project Labor Agreements for Construction Projects– Commissioner Litz asked for the Ordinance to be tabled pending a discussion with the solicitor over changed language in Section 2 of the Ordinance. Her request was denied 2 to 1. A second motion to pass the Ordinance as presented passed on a 2 to 1 motion.   Ordinance 60 for the County to participate in an Intergovernmental Agreement with Pennsylvania Counties Risk Pool. The Ordinance passed unanimously.   Michael Battistelli and Brett Holland as well as Mr. DeJute on REITs (Real Estate Investments) attend the commissioner’s meeting to discuss the pension plan. The balance in the fund is $126,011,730 with a 13.2% year to date return. DeJute explained how are Malls Shopping Centers are doing. Apparently Malls are thriving. They’re just kicking out anchor stores like Sears who were only paying $5/square’ rent. They can lease at a much higher rate today. Also, until Amazon figures out how to ship services, strip malls are doing ok too. They fill up with karate schools, nail salons, income tax services….

    Drug and Alcohol Director Jim Donmoyer presented contract amendments to include Turning Point Main Campus as a service provider, and received recognition for National Prevention Week May 13-17, 2019.  Jamie Wolgemuth presents miscellaneous items for commissioner approval:
    Commissioners approved a Community Action Partnership Agreement for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program.

    CAP also received $9,957.03 in Act 147 funds for roof repairs by Mattarazzi.

    Commissioners approved a $10,000 Tourism grant for the Steitz City Players to present Godspell on August 16 & 17, 2019.

    Commissioners appointed The Lebanon County Historical Society as Lebanon County’s official historical society.

    Millcreek received $3892 in Liquid Fuels funds.

    Community Videos on YouTube:

    Susquehanna Riverkeeper Ted Evgeniadis on Keystone Protein Plant in Fredericksburg PA

    Rebuttal by CFO Dan Chirico answers questions on the Keystone Protein Plant

    Inwood Bridge

    Bordner Cabin Tree Down on Roof

    Bordner Cabin Tempory Roof Repair

    Student Billboard

    Chamber of Commerce Small Business Center with SCORE advisors

    Rail Trail progress off 25th Street

    Union Canal Boat Rides on Sunday’s

    Chamber Small Businesses

    Chamber Business Awards

    Russ Diamond

    Northern Lebanon Rotary New Members

    New Nurses

    Head Start

    Memorial Lake Dam Breast

    Memorial Lake Cindy Dunn and Adj Gen Tony Carrelli


    Marijuana 2

    SFC Flamm assists with chemical, biological, and nuclear disaster

    Kids Fish in Myerstown

    Kids Fishing


     North Lebanon Township Supervisor Ed Brensinger received statewide recognition from Governor Tom Wolf as the outstanding Municipal, and on behalf of Lebanon County, commissioners presented a proclamation to Mr. Brensinger on his accomplishments.

    Lt. Colonel Angela King Sweigart provided an update from Back at the Gap.

    Treasurer Sallie Neuin presented the Treasurer’s report for approval.  Treasurer Neuin also stated she will return $2M to our unrestricted reserve from the sale of Cedar Haven.

    Gary Verna, Department of Emergency Services, presented a $15,018 Radiological Emergency Response Fund (RERF) grant application for maintenance of radiological equipment, an audit, to update computers for South Londonderry Township, which is in the EPZ zone of TMI; and for the upgrade of portable radio communications for use by Lebanon County during a radiological incident. 

    To comply with a federal requirement, Lebanon County Christian Ministries received approval for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) extension.

    Assistant Administrator Kathy Kirby filled in for Jamie Wolgemuth.  She presented information for commissioner votes as follows:

    1. Disabled veteran exemptions from real estate tax for Robert L Peiffer, Edwin E Seyfert, Meghan E Rivas, and Richard S Snyder III were approved by commissioners;
    2. A tax lien bid of $1 from William Miller for a trailer at Country Acres Park;
    3. Tourism grant requests from Gretna Theater for $10,000, Old Annville Days for $3,000, and the Lebanon Valley Expo for $50,000 to assist them in advertising in neighboring counties as well as for purchase of multiuse animal pens;
    4. Liquid fuels of $7,553 for North Cornwall and $4555 for Swatara Townships;
    5. Commission for Women appointments of Brittney Hilton and Jennifer Bower;
    6. Conservation District Board nominations of Jon Olivio and Jennifer Albright; and
    7. A $118,003 resolution to pay an annual stipend to Lebanon Transit for bus service
    WLBR/WQIC reporter and News Director Gordon Weis asked commissioners to state their positions on the removal of Lebanon County as a Sanctuary County. A wrong made right, said Commissioner Litz. The courts have spoken: “Under the Constitution, spending power rests with Congress. Without congressional authorization, the…administration “may not redistribute or withhold properly appropriated funds” in order to carry out its own policy goals, said the opinion written by Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sidney R Thomas. The case was decided Aug 1.” Further, the PAC known as the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) was formed to influence elections, and wrongly included Lebanon County on a Sanctuary County list subsequently adopted by Homeland Security. Lebanon County never voted to become a Sanctuary County, worked with and had constant contact (1600 emails and 1000 phone calls) with ICE, and always followed the law. In fact, no matter the outcome of the courts, Lebanon County would follow the law. At stake was the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. Saber rattling took place in 2016.

    Next, replacing commissioners on the Board of Elections during a re-election year, appointed chairwoman Attorney Steph Axelris, Attorney John Feather, and former Voter Registrar Nick Yingst, approved sample ballots presented by current Voter Registrar Michael Anderson. Michael also asked for people to contact him who are interested in becoming paid poll workers, especially in the newly created North Cornwall North and Annville East polls where he needs Judges of Elections. The first of four poll worker trainings will take place on Monday.

    AT 11:30am, commissioners Bill Ames and Jo Ellen Litz joined other members of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to receive an update on road and bridge projects as well as the Rail Trail in Lebanon County.

    In preparation for resurfacing, utilities are installing new pipes, and road construction in the City occurs between the hours of 7AM-5PM. If anyone wants UGI gas, they should get it now. After paving, there is a 5-year moratorium on digging up the road—excepting emergencies.